Hat care

Hat care

Handy hatting tools to keep your hats as stylish as the day you bought them.
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  • Hard bristle hat brush

    Maintain your hat with our all-purpose hard bristle hat brush. The brush is suitable for all fabrics and easy to use, thanks to its smooth, curved wooden handle.
  • Soft bristle hat brush

    Care for your top hat with our bristle hat brush. Crafted from soft fibres, the brush maintains and enhances the lustrous sheen of your hat.
  • Hat jack

    If your hat has suffered shrinkage, reach for this handy tool. Simply insert the hat jack inside your hat to stretch it back to its original size. Medium hat jack shown.
  • Velvet polishing pad

    Maintain the lustrous sheen on your top hat with our velvet polishing pad. The pad should be moved in short strokes over the hat, so that the felt or silk fibres are softly smoothed and the nap is not disrupted.

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