• Regatta regalia
    Regatta regalia
    The epitome of British summer style, our Riviera boater and Henley Royal Regatta go hand in hand. Slip it on for an idle afternoon bankside watching the race.
  • Meet our summer boater
    Meet our summer boater
    The ultimate sun hat, the straw boater shines in summer. Take this chic style everywhere from the Henley Royal Regatta to escapes on the Côte d'Azur.
  • The season of the boater
    The season of the boater
    The summer favourite turns statement piece, refreshed in modern colourways and trims. Wear the boater all summer long, from the Henley Royal Regatta through to garden parties.
How to roll a hat
Lock offers a collection of rollable felt and straw hat styles. These hats are specifically designed to be rolled and stored in tubes for ease when travelling.

1. Using clean hands, turn the brim down
2. Push out the crown of the hat to form a dome shape
3. Softly roll the hat along the crease, from convex to concave
4. Store the rolled hat, cone down, in either a canvas or cardboard tube
5. On arrival at your destination, always unfold and reshape your hat to restore its shape

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